Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Cheap Engagement Rings

diamond engagement rings

An engagement ring is all about the commitment and meaning behind the ring. The fact that you are choosing to spend your life with this one person. It is a symbol that everyone knows means, “taken”. Want it to be special, but don’t have a ton of cash? Not a problem! But here are some words of caution and tips to keep in mind when buying a less expensive ring.

How long will it last?

It may look pretty good right now, but if the product is made of cheap metals that might leave a tint on her finger, it will only be good for a little while. Similarly, if the ring is not well made, there is a much greater chance of a stone falling out or some other problem.

If you are going to go the route of an inexpensive ring, at least ensure that the metal is real gold, sterling silver, or some other non-susceptible material. Also, if it contains stones or gems, check to see how tightly they are held in place. You don’t want that precious jewelry to go missing!

How does it look?

You may think you’re getting a great deal, but it won’t be so great if it is obviously a cheap piece of jewelry. Go for a classic style band, with a stone that is well cut to add shine. If you are going to go for a diamond at all, get a real one.

Even if it isn’t a whole carat, it is easy to tell if a diamond is fake. So don’t let that be the case for your purchase! Make sure you avoid all the discount diamond deals and promotional scams that retailers use to rip customers off.

Is it temporary?

Exactly how permanent is this purchase? I ask because if it is a temporary ring, then the concept of buying a less expensive one makes a lot of sense. A temporary ring is a great way to get the show on the road with the wedding without committing to thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses.

Obviously, you want to propose to her with something pretty, but if you are planning on selecting another ring in the next few years or after the wedding when the finances look a little better, than go for something with style and class that won’t break the bank. Just ensure that the metal is good quality and it is something she will enjoy wearing.

If you are set on buying a ring for a cheap price, than you need to select one with style that represents your fiancé well. Try these ideas for an awesome design that she will adore.

marquise diamond rings

Add bling!

Even if you are making a less expensive purchase, you can probably still add some smaller stones to your ring that won’t rack up the bill too much. These might be diamonds, small birthstones, or some other gem in a color she loves. She will be over the moon about your thoughtfulness, and will also have a piece of jewelry with a different look. This is a bonus if she’s a girl who loves to be unique.

Go for engravings

Girls love engravings, I would know! It is a way to pack a ton of meaning into your purchase for a reasonable amount. You can choose a jeweler or even opt for an online site to help with this. The prices can vary, but are generally cheaper by far than a diamond. Use a quote or saying that means something to both of you, or perhaps the date of your proposal. If you want to go really simple, this can be a beautiful look on a plain gold or silver band.

Shopping for an engagement ring at bargain prices has its ups and downs, and you do need to do a little more exploration and some of the legwork. But it can be worth it, depending on your purposes.

Always remember that the ring you give is a symbol of love, not status. It is about the commitment you feel towards your significant other, nothing more, nothing less. She will love the thought and originality you put into the proposal day, and her gift! Now go do that research and get the best ring out there!