Insights to Buying Eye Clean Diamonds and What They Mean

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Eye clean diamonds are diamonds that appear to be flawless, or near flawless, when viewed with the unaided eye. Even though it is a pretty straight forward concept, vendors and consumers have different opinions on what an eye clean diamond is and what methods should be used to determine if they are eye clean or not.

However, most agree that when inspecting a diamond to see if it can be considered eye clean, three factors are used: vision, distance and orientation, and the type of lighting used when viewing the diamond. If vendors and consumers find no defects when viewing the diamond under these conditions with the naked eye, then the diamond is considered eye clean.


Remember, when it comes to how eye clean a diamond is, it’s with the naked eye only so the vision of the individual conducting the inspection on the diamond will have a significant impact on where a diamond will rate as far as its eye clean properties are concerned.

Some people are nearsighted and can spot imperfections easier than someone who is farsighted. For others, simply having a nice sparkle and no visible defects at first glance is all they are looking for and will consider the diamond to be eye clean.

Do not use any type of aides when doing this. The whole point behind eye clean diamonds is that they appear to have no flaws when viewed with the unaided eye.

Distance and Orientation:

Opinions very when it comes to the distance one should use to view a diamond. Some prefer to hold the diamond as close as five or six inches from their eye while others prefer a distance of 15 inches or maybe even more.

Ultimately, it comes down to what distance is more comfortable to the viewer and the size of the diamond. A small diamond will more than likely have to be held close while a large diamond will have to be held at a distance.

Even thought the orientation of the diamond is a preference of the individual conducting the inspection, many agree that it should be face up and viewed from an angle. Some people want to check the clarity of the diamond from the side and bottom as well. However, most are content with just checking from the top of the diamond when checking to see if it is eye clean.

The main factor to consider when we talk about distance and orientation is the consumer. How will a consumer view the diamond? What is it they are looking for? These are just a couple of questions vendors need to ask themselves when they are determining if a diamond is eye clean. Each person is going to have their own preference when shopping for everything and that includes diamonds. So each person is going to be looking at the diamond at different angles.

Type of Lighting:

When it comes to the type of lighting to use when inspecting a diamond, most agree that florescent lighting is preferred. However, many will use florescent, direct and indirect sunlight, and ambient light when conducting their inspection. Some use LED lights but most find that this type of lighting is ineffective and should not be used.

Over all, the individual consumer, vendor, or appraiser are the biggest factor in determining if a diamond is eye clean or not. What makes a diamond eye clean for one person may be totally different for another. Some are happy with a nice sparkle while others with very good eyesight can see more imperfections within the diamond and not consider it to be eye clean.

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