6 Tips to Buying Diamonds on eBay

ebay diamond rings

Despite whatever preconceived notions you may have, the fact of the matter is that Ebay, pawn shops, & the like are perfectly acceptable places to buy diamonds. Sure, they may not have all the glitz and glamour of big name jewelry stores but that’s exactly what you aren’t paying for.

  1. Know the seller & their merchandise. Are they someone who deals solely with jewelry or so they specialize in other items as well? I’d be weary of anyone who has diamond rings & novelty toilet paper in the same store.
  1. Examine the ad. This is not a case of “less is more”. You want as many detailed photos & descriptions as possible.
  1. Ask questions.. Does the ring come with a GIA certificate? Can the ring be sized? (you’d be surprised how many can’t) Is it in perfect condition? (Pictures, especially of diamonds, can be very misleading.)
  1. Keep score. Not only look for “power sellers” (those who sell to hundreds if not thousand of customers per day) who have a customer satisfaction score of atleast 99% but those who have also been operating on Ebay for atleast 5 consecutive years.
  1. Look beyond the stars. Actually read the detailed feedback left from previous buyers. Learn as much as you can about the sellers before you buy to hopefully spare you any surprises later. I recommend reading the first & last ten pages of feedback & atleast 5 pages in the middle.
  1. Know the return policy. Look for sellers who offer a no-questions- asked 100% money back guarantee.